Ole Dude wrote:
Primarily, I seek the truth about what is going on. . .
I once had confidence this was indeed true. Upon return from your long absence from active participation in the list discussions some years ago it was apparent that you were taking a more partisan view. I have speculated that you had come under some great pressure (perhaps confirmed by your statement that you have been ragged by the Mossad). The overall thrust of your "project" appears to correspond to the strategic plan technique of "start where they are and move them a little bit." More recently your attitude has reflected a desire to influence participants to accept a view that could easily be seen as imposed by the State Department.

Would you care to share with us what occurred that changed your once libertarian view? Did you experience some stressful event that may have precipitated a reaction formation?

I am no longer a libertarian Utopian which I classify as a sterile "culture of critique" on a similar plane with the Leftist culture of critique around race, women's rights, sexual orientation, sexism, participatory democracy, etc. etc.

I think nature is "red in tooth and claw" and a society of liberty, individual rights, etc. is a desirable artificial state of affairs acheivable only by modifying a State, always and everywhere bloody affairs at their inception.

I try to make this "value system" entirely separate from my analysis of what is really happening. I see the Rockefeller/Saudi/Vatican/Big Oil camarilla trying to move toward world tyranny of a sort much worse than the traditional Judeo-Masonic/Anglophile State Capitalist power structure. So, my values and analysis get "tangled".

I can recall when I first became a radical or Utopian libertarian of the Rothbard variety: in a state of partial self-deception I said FINE: "You Leftists want to criticize everything from the point of view of radical socialism? Let's see how you like radical anarcho-capitalist libertarian critiques of the status quo AND SOCIALISM!"