Ole Dude wrote:
If Bush is any indicator of the depth of their comprehension this is true, but it is obvious that Bush, even more so than most presidents since JFK, was a puppet. Why do you think conspiracy theorizing has become so popular?
Aparently, you have no first hand knowledge of the NeoCons. Irving Kristol was the founder. Apparently he or other NeoCons have drawn inspiration from Straus. Bush is no NeoCon himself. When he was pressured by the Rockefeller / OPEC / Saudi camarilla he vetoed the NeoCon plans to smash OPEC via Iraq and fired the NeoCons. This was a long long time ago.

Conspiracy theorizing has now become popular because it NOW serves the Rockefeller / Saudi-OPEC camarilla and is guided by the New York Times. LaRouche has been successful in diverting "conspiricists" from the machinations of Rockefellers to exclusive demonization of the Judeo-Masonic / Anglophile power organism. Apparently when he dumped his anti-Rockefeller orientation, he began accepting Islamic, Vatican, and Rockefeller money.