Circa 1984:

A Note On Books and Documents Recommended for Reading--Please Read Carefully!!

The books, reports, and articles included are not without serious faults. Most are guilty of blatant partisan bias, too often on the basis of existing mind set, ideology, religion, race, class, interest group, etc. Unfortunately, by their natures, Borderlands-Fringe Science and Ruling Class-Conspiracy Politico-Economic-Social Research are not and probably never will be the exclusive provinces of disinterested scholars and scientists. However, keep in mind that the boot licking, lying "court," or "Establishment" historians, scientists, and "news fakers" cultivate only the appearance of objectivity as they pursue the covert agendas of their patrons and, therefore, in many cases, deserve even less credit than many of the partisan authors we have listed.

The cataloged information simply contributes facts, research leads, evidence, testimony, insights, theorizing, and speculation relevant to uncovering the objective nature of aspects of the topics under consideration.

Do not judge the ***New Paradigms Project*** by the readings included. We suggest reading many authors not for objective information, but for insight into all possible viewpoints on a subject including the "wrong" viewpoints and/or to illustrate the nature or existence of social organisms that hold such authors in thrall.

Do not bother "complaining" that we have included distasteful items! However, we would be glad to hear your opinions pro or con the ideas expressed.