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  1. Anti-British Hidden Hand Behind OBAMA!

    04/02/09 04:37:52 | 0 Comments

    Ole Dude wrote:
    If Bush is any indicator of the depth of their comprehension this is true, but it is obvious that Bush, even more so than most presidents since JFK, was a puppet. Why do you think conspiracy theorizing has become so popular? Aparently, you have no first hand knowledge of the NeoCons. Irving Kristol was the founder. Apparently he or other NeoCons have drawn inspiration from Straus. Bush is no NeoCon himself. ...
  2. Mind Control Operational in Gun Control Incidents?

    02/16/09 02:18:48 | 0 Comments

    Mind Control Operational in Gun Control Incidents?

    A-albionic Research Weekly Update of 3-18-2000

    Subject: Mind Control Operational in Gun Control Incidents?

    It is no secret that many conspiracy researchers suspect that many of
    the bizarre "shooting incidents" of recent and not so recent years which
    are doing so much to promote the...
  3. Erroneous Conspiracy Paradigms

    02/06/09 01:02:17 | 0 Comments

    Ole Dude wrote:
    Primarily, I seek the truth about what is going on. . . I once had confidence this was indeed true. Upon return from your long absence from active participation in the list discussions some years ago it was apparent that you were taking a more partisan view. I have speculated that you had come under some great pressure (perhaps confirmed by your statement that you have been ragged by the Mossad)....
  4. A-albionic's Original Disclaimer

    01/20/09 15:45:30 | 0 Comments

    Circa 1984:

    A Note On Books and Documents Recommended for Reading--Please Read Carefully!!
    The books, reports, and articles included are not without serious faults. Most are guilty of blatant partisan bias, too...